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About us

Walnut Club's study abroad consultants focus on full-scale applications for top private schools, undergraduates and graduate students in overseas high schools. The company's five-year accumulation has made us the most professionally capable consulting company that focuses on differentiated and personalized applications in the Chinese and American markets. In the past 5 years, we have successfully cooperated with students from all over China and the United States to achieve exciting application results, and at the same time, we have also established close contact with the admissions teams of various schools.

What Walnut Club recognizes most for families is our seriousness and professionalism in education, patience and value-added services for student families. Walnut Club very much hopes to be an effective help for high-net-worth families in China and the United States, witnessing more children discovering themselves and moving forward with confidence. As the High Tech High documentary said, they are some of the people most likely to succeed. Our professional consultants stand out from setting application goals, formulating application plans, advancing the application steps, and finally successfully obtaining the offer.

Your Personal

Consultant for

Studying Abroad


Writing on Tablet

Secretary team

Professionally handle the file information of students and parents, fill in forms, and ask questions on front-line services, everyone’s caring butler

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Learning Consultants Team

​We will tailor a study plan for each student, teach students in accordance with their aptitude, follow up the student's study progress throughout the process and report feedback regularly.

Writing and course team

Ivy League elites provide the most professional and innovative essay training, and prestigious school curriculum tutors enhance students' hard-standardized GPA strength

Young Teacher

Professional instructor team

A team of professional mentors dominated by university professors and professional elites will bring more guidance from the industry and career development to children

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We recognize that application is not only a result, but also a process of self-exploration. Positioning and goals for students, guiding the cooperation and participation of families, actively communicating with schools, and leading external resources and inspirations are the four basic modules for Walnut Club to train students . In addition, Walnut Club also has self-operated tutoring courses for special needs. Including academically inspired one-to-one or small-class projects (STEM/Art/Humanities/Government/State Affairs/Business/Medical/Law/Education); English in-depth dialogue and thinking skills courses; Greater Washington internship and practical projects and other partners Special training.

We never select students. The only purpose is to let students discover themselves, gain confidence, and achieve their goals through the help of tutors outside the school. Nowadays, the students of Walnut Club are all over China and the United States, including Ivy League schools, community colleges, art students, and professional medical students. No matter where they are, Walnut Club hopes to be the backing of children's development in the United States and witness one future after another. Star.

TOP 30
National Ranking of Admitted Universities

And academic background to enhance the effect is remarkable project 3.6 grade point average during the service
80% of graduates have entered the top 30 universities in the United States or the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the United States

Cooperative school

Possess abundant high school resources. Admissions officers of prestigious schools in the United States communicate closely throughout the year and provide students with plenty of opportunities. The probability of scholarship applications has soared.

Star mentor

Professional mentor team
100% Master's degree or above from a prestigious American school with teacher qualifications and many years of student counseling experience

Teacher-student ratio

Strictly control the number of customers, provide high-quality service The service center is located within three hours of the partner school, and the staff communicate with the school, students, and home at any time

Tutor's message


Joanie Xu

Large-scale future education practitioners and innovators with more than 10 years of K-12 education experience

"I never pick students, I just want to help them grow."


Sherry Xiao

​Researchers with extensive experience in research and analysis of K-12 to higher education policy

​"Understand the small world of every student and cherish every little dream of them."


Milt Dougherty

​Have more than 35 years of K-12 management experience in public and private schools in the United States

"It is worthy of every student family, every student has unlimited possibilities."

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