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360° Academic Support

360° Academic Support

Full academic tutoring is a comprehensive tutoring plan developed by the Walnut team for each student based on their personal academic background and situation.


Project Object

If you:





Confused about the American college and education system

Difficult to develop clear academic plans

Want to improve personal academic ability and GPA at school

Want to develop personal learning initiative

Need effective learning

Need scientific learning methods and course guidance

Walnut Bond Education will provide you effective academic tutoring services in all aspects. We help you grow and glow throughout the journey studying in the U.S. 

T for Turtle

360° Academic Support

Before class

During the lesson

After class

Comprehensive learning plan planning

Preparation of study materials

Class reminder

Study notes

Various course tutoring

Adjustment of progress

Homework check

Results tracking

Comprehensive Study Report

Psychological counseling

Service Process


Before class: Comprehensive study plan planning Study materials preparation

Walnut consultants will evaluate the academic ability of students, and according to each student's assessment results and progression goals, develop personalized short-term and long-term academic goals, and for each goal, determine weekly and monthly learning arrangements and plans.


In class: study notes, various course tutoring, progress adjustment


After class: homework check, performance tracking, comprehensive study report, psychological counseling

The walnut tutoring team will guide the learning courses and methods of various disciplines according to the specific circumstances of the students provided by the consultant team, and maintain close communication with the student's school to keep abreast of the students' learning situation in school. At the same time, the tutoring team will summarize and report on the students' learning, and give the students and parents feedback in a timely manner.


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