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1 VS 1 Tutoring

The walnut professional course tutoring team not only provides students with standardized examinations and guidance, but also provides one-on-one tuition and help for students with difficulty in studying single-science subjects in high school and undergraduate courses.

AP course advantages

Convert college credits, save academic pressure, and win at the starting line

Improve GPA and grade ranking to be more competitive

Choose superior subjects to take the exam, more popular with prestigious schools when applying

Excellent AP scores can also be an important plus for applying for scholarships

​Involved subjects


Advanced Mathematics

Science and Engineering

Social Science

Other Subjects

Liberal Arts

Western History

Foreign Languages

English and American Literature

Suitable for students

If you:







A basic understanding of American college and education development

Have some consciousness in learning

Have clear goals and plans for time and learning

Difficulties in learning only in individual subjects or standardized tests

The Walnut team will provide you with scientific and effective one-on-one scientific counseling services

Service Process

Before class: Planning of single subject study plan Preparation of study materials Reminder during class

The walnut consultant will conduct a single science assessment of the students and develop monthly study arrangements and plans for the subject.

In the lesson: study notes


After class: Homework check, performance tracking, single subject report

The walnut tutoring team will conduct the study guidance according to the specific situation of the single subject provided by the consultant team, and maintain close communication with the students 'single subject teachers to keep abreast of the students' learning situation in the subject. At the same time, the tutoring team will summarize and report the students' single subject study, and give the students and parents feedback in a timely manner.

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