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Emergency Transfer 

On December 28, 2017, 12th grader X was expelled from a private high school. There are many reasons. In one incident, the student took excerpts from the Internet without quoting for the final Bible exam. This was a clear violation of the school’s academic integrity policy.


He was also caught speaking in Chinese with Chinese peers during lunch, and though his English proficiency was subpar, the school strictly expects every international student to adhere to is language policy and felt the students’ behavior warranted a violation. When the school expelled him, it was during mid-year of the student’s 12th grade year.


When his parents received a formal notice of school expulsion, they immediately reached out to the Walnut Bond. The first step we took was to appeal to the school:

Reply from the school principal:

The school principal rebuffed the appeal, citing several warnings and opportunities for the student to improve. The only next step was for the students to transfer, and we only had 21 days from the date of expulsion to do that. In this case, the student had to be repatriated immediately.


Private schools usually have a Christmas holiday until around January 8, so when the letter from the principal was received on January 1, the situation was very urgent. Through the cooperation and fast response of our team, on January 4th, students received an admission notice from another better-ranked high school (Niche ranking A +), as follows:

  • Service Process

  • Before class: Comprehensive study plan planning study materials preparation

  • Walnut consultants evaluate the academic ability of students, and according to each student's assessment results and progression goals, develop personalized short-term and long-term academic goals, and for each goal, determine weekly and monthly learning arrangements and plans.

  • In class: study notes, various course tutoring, progress adjustment

  • After class: homework check, performance tracking, comprehensive study report, psychological counseling

  • The walnut tutoring team guides students in their learning courses and methods of various disciplines based on their specific circumstances, and maintains close communication with the students’ school to keep abreast of the students' learning situation in school. At the same time, the tutoring team reports on the students' learning and gives students and parents feedback in a timely manner.

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