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Clients Feedbacks

Your encouragement will be our greater motivation

Thank you so much for applying this time! At first I didn't know how to apply to study in the United States. Teachers Xu and Xiao really helped me a lot and gave me a lot of suggestions and directions! --Huang 

Thank you for your care for my girl! As parents, we have no experience in studying abroad. Thank you teachers very much for being able to patiently guide my girl at every critical time to help her find her favorite major and school together. --Huang's father

Thank you teacher for helping me successfully apply to American high school, and also gave me a lot of help after I enrolled. Although I did n’t have any confidence in my English at first, and I did n’t even dare to make eye contact with my American classmates, but the teachers always encouraged me to give me confidence and let me dare to communicate and chat with my American classmates Make a lot of friends here

-- Chen

To tell you the truth, as parents, I really thank my teachers! My child is more introverted. When we first came to the United States, we were worried that she would be scared and lonely in the United States. But the children slowly became more and more open, there was always something to talk about when they were in the video. She also expressed to me that you have helped her a lot, and thank you so much!

--Chen's mother

Thank you very much for helping me study TOEFL and SAT together. These two tests were really difficult for me. At first, I always felt that no matter how I studied, my scores could not be improved. Later, after studying with the teachers, I found that there are so many effective learning methods and skills. I find the exams fun! Haha! --Zhang 

The teachers work very hard! For my child's time in China, I worked overtime every night in the United States with my child to practice and do problems. Fortunately, the child was very obedient and obedient, and did not disappoint the efforts of the teachers, and got a good result. Thanks a lot for Walnut Bond!   

--Zhang's mother

To tell you the truth, this time I really thank the team of Walnut Club 👍 Our parents are more responsible for the logistics of their children. From preparation to application to communicate with the school, they are all professional and responsible by the teacher of Walnut Club. Admission notice to fifteen schools.

-- Parent J

The teachers are so patient! I often forget the study schedule, and teachers always remind me of important things the day before. The teachers are super humorous during the class, and every time I think the time goes super fast ~ I like you!


Thank you Walnut for helping my child successfully apply to our favorite school. Children used to be impatient and grumpy when tutoring before. She's always worried about her resistance, but she didn't expect the teachers of Walnut Club to be very professional. The children felt very excited and full of fighting spirit every time they returned from class. The teachers are working hard!   

--Luo's mother

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