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About us

Walnut Bond is an international education company, located in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States​​. Our goal is to achieve global education inclusiveness and common growth by linking communication and cooperation between the United States and the rest of the world in the field of education.


We believe that education leads to a better life. We advocate the promotion of future development through universal education. Walnut Bond focuses on personal success, lifelong learning, and global competitiveness. Through the 3E concept – "Explore, Enlighten, and Empower" – Walnut Bond serves the K-16 education industry by creating opportunities, establishing connections, and building trust between families, schools, and communities.


On the frontline of American education and deeply rooted in international education for eight years, Walnut serves more than 500 American and international high school students, teachers and corporate executives each year. The Walnut team knows students, particularly international or immigrant students, face many challenges when accessing high-quality education resources and entrance into top American colleges.


Capitalizing on the expertise of the Walnut Bond team whose members have a graduate degree or above, Walnut commits to providing a full range of quality services to international schools. Adhering to “Exploration, Enlightenment, and Empowerment”, Walnut Bond services consist of robust counseling, inter-university cooperation, and media cooperation to deliver a comprehensive, integrated and multi-level service experience tailored for students. Our services cover overseas studies, curriculum design, school cooperation, standardized tutoring, emergency transfers, etc.

Explore - 探索

Enlighten - 启智

Empower - 赋能

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